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Initial Coin Offering


First Step: 50 000 000 – Token Bonus 15%
15550 VGC / 100,000,000 VGC
1 VGC = 100 USD Contributors: 127 763


We believe that social media is a tangible asset that can continue to live on after the creator pass-on. We believe that your legacy can live forever, physically and in the virtual space. Vanguard Coin is the brain-child of understanding this legacy, and protecting it so that it can last, forever.

How it Works

By investing in VGC, you are investing in the future of your social media.

Joining Legal Dominar

Once you own a VGC, you can pass it on to anyone you wish. Upon your passing, we will immortilze your legacy by giving your chosen one access.

How do we earn?

The limited supply of Vanguard Coin means a natural appreciation of VGC. The initial price covers maintenance cost among others.

Protecting You

The blockchain is built on Etherium ERC20 protocool, and built on Oxford Blockchain Regulation framework in mind.


Academia and Practitioners providing strategic advice to the management of Vanguard's ICO.
Dr. Christopher Nemelka

Dr. Christopher Nemelka

Director of Dissertation Management Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Imed Cherabi

Expert in Financial Mathematics and Financial Forecasting

Dr. Venkatesan Srinivasan

Expert in Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence

Dr. Taylor Cassidy

Expert in Natural Language Processing and Linguistic

Dr. Radha K. Sharma

Expert in Business and Strategic Management

Dr. Nick Huntington-Klein

Expert in Economics and Quantitative Analysis

Dr. Caroline Corelli

Expert in Qualitative Research

Dr. Salman Aslam

Expert in Machine Learning and Pattern Analysis

Dr. Lazo Manojlovic

Expert in Digital Signal Processing and Telecommunications

Dr. Jelena Krstić

Expert in Dynamic Programming

Dr. Ulysses Labilles

Expert in Analytics and Public Health

Dr. Greg Sigalov

Expert in Numerical Modeling and Data Analysis

Dr. Leonard Haberman

Expert in Business Analytics

Dr. Jacqueline Burnett-Brown

Expert in Psychology and Research Methods

Dr. Eric Wood

Expert in Naturopathic Medicine, Anthropology and Biology

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